» We are glad to welcome you on the site "Shooter"!

We are glad to welcome you on the site "Shooter"!

The site "Shooter" is dedicated to the weapons - small arms and cold steel fighting, civil hunting, sporting and special as well as to ammunition, equipment, pyrotechnics… On the site "Shooter" have been placed materials and articles, telling about pistols, revolvers, machine-guns, assault rifles, submachine guns, and about other types of weapons - underbarrel and automatic launchers, hand-held antitank grenade launchers, hand grenades, small-calibre land, sea and aircraft automatic guns, and about different types of ammunition.

Besides this, there are materials about pyrotechnics: pyrotechnic signal-flare means (flare pistols, signal and parachute rockets) and fireworks.

It is necessary devote much attention to the rigging of police - truncheons, tear-gas, ammunition, special weapons of the police (guns and pistols for shooting gas grenades and traumatic bullets).

Also the separate materials were dedicated to equipment and rigging both military and civil (tours and tourism): means of individual armoured defence (armored jackets and helmets), binoculars, telescopic and laser dot sights, infra-red night vision devices, bayonets, knifes, flash lights, compasses, burners for warming-up of food and means of rescue.

Unfortunately, the site "Shooter" operates only in Russian version at the moment. In the future, we plan the creation of Eglish version as well and we'll thank for sponsor's support or any collaboration in this matter.
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